At the Beach

Beach, one of the best venue for team building activities. Its not only a gateway from the bus cityscape, it provides cool sea breeze and an opportunity to bath in the heat of the sun. Going to the beach is one way to chill, relax and have fun. Because of this idea, doing team building activities at the beach will make the stay more appreciated. You’ll enjoy what the beach has to offer and you will appreciate each attraction as you participate in the team building activities.


Here are some of the suggested team building activities for beach designed to increase relaxation, physical and mental energies.


Tug of War

This is a proof that together a team stands but divided they will fall. This is another way to enjoy the sandy beach. A long rope is laid on the sand. At the center of the rope is a cloth tied that will serve as a marker to determine which side is winning. Few meters from the center of the rope on both ends are lines that will serve as the finish line and starting line for each group. The two groups are then requested to hold the rope and to stand behind the lines. The facilitator will then give a signal to start the round and each group will try to pull the rope as hard as they can. The winning group of the activity is declared when the cloth indicator tied at the rope crosses their starting line. Depending on the facilitator, he can give three rounds to determine the winner or just a single round to determine it.


Beach Ball Relay

This team building game is a great way to appreciate the beach sand. The objective of this is to pass the ball quickly from the front to the end and back to the front not by hands but using their feet to hold and pass the ball. First, the groups are requested to form a line with all members facing front. Now they are told to lie down in the sand with their feet raised in preparation to receive and pass the beach ball. The first person on the line is given the ball first and told to hold the ball. As soon as the facilitator gives the go signal, the first person tries to pass the ball to the person behind him; the second person then passes to the next person. The group will then try to return the ball back to the front person after it has reached the last person. Whoever can successfully return the ball to the to the last person then back to the front person then their group will win the activity.


Pick the Color

Balls of different colors are scattered in an area. The objective of this team building activity is to develop communication among the team members. One group is assigned a specific color of the ball. The group then selects an extractor, a person who is blindfolded and retrieves the balls, while also selecting a navigator, a person who navigates the blindfolded person using verbal instructions. Since the teams do the task together, it is up to the extractor to determine which the voice of his navigator is as he tries to pick up all the balls of the color assigned to them. The first group to collect all the correct balls will win the game.


Beach Volleyball

Designed to gently increase relaxation, physical and mental energies, we can provide a variety of beach games at very low cost. Volleyball in soft sand is an excellent physical stimulant combining team work, competitiveness, and a good work out.




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