Building Illumination

Lighting’ is more than just illumination in the 21st century.  Its different brightness intensity and enormous decorative effect help create the perfect mood and environment for different functional use. Light Tower Events Illumination solution delivers an experience beyond your expectations.

We not only cater for different illumination needs, we also help you balanceinvestment, operating cost, aesthetic effect and energy efficiency objectives.

Light Tower Events also provides wholesalers, retailers and end-users a comprehensive range of energy efficient lightings and luminaires and trendy wiring devices to fit any contemporary office and home designs.

With years of experience in the field, and a position as the nation’s leading provider of illumination solutions, you can expect excellence from us.


Our street decoration bestows:

  1. Are always advancing with technology –we offer you the very best in reliable LED solutions.
  2. Beautify the surrounding area – Decorative indoor & outdoor lamp post and unique bulbs make your building a unique, fascinating place for everyone to enjoy.