On Water

Kayaking is an amazing team building activity and also make a great relaxed day out. You’ll have a great time on the water and it is a great way to meet the team outside a working arena.

Clad in a life-jacket and perch on a study plastic Kayak, just peddle away from the muddy shores feeling a little more confident. The skyline and the hum of the traffic soon disappear as you slip through a break in the trees into what feels like a different world. The sight of birds and a school of fish spur a session of ‘Oohs’ and ‘Ahhs’ for your group, making realize how starved of wildlife the denizens of the UAE are.  Don’t worry if when disembarking something crawls over your feet, that would be just some crabs!

As you go through the mangroves you see a different side of Abu Dhabi.


The  kayaks mean team work is required and there will be opportunities to go swimming, explore the beaches and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. You’ll launch from the designated launch point and paddle through the mangroves with a guide. Routes depend on the tide and weather.




  • Transportation on request.
  • All Kayakers must wear a life jacket at all time.