The Galleria Mall

Discover exceptional quality, authenticity, bespoke craftsmanship and creativity. Every window reveals inspiring treasures – from timeless collectibles to contemporary design. Diamonds flash in both antique and modern settings alongside the glow of pearls and rare gemstones, vintage watches, the finest leather accessories, gleaming silver, writing materials, bespoke footwear, the luxurious Penhaligons perfumery and the melting softness of cashmere. From its discreet location set back from the packed thoroughfares of the capital, visitors can enjoy impeccable service and unparalleled specialist knowledge……


Our Galleria Mall Shopping package includes:

  • Overnight accommodation in a beautifully appointed bedroom or suite.
  • Abu Dhabi City Tour ( or Any Other Tour ) (Monday-Friday from 11.00 am – 4.00 pm).
  • Full English Breakfast or Any meal Deal (Preference of the Client).
  • Perfume profiling – Discover your perfectly matched scent (Available Monday-Friday from 11.00 am – 4.00pm).
  • Scent Library of 10 best selling fragrances for Men and Women.

Discount of 10% in The Galleria Mall…



Ideas For Shopping Packages – UAE Market
Shopping Day Experience at The Galleria Mall From Dubai To Abu Dhabi / Al-Ain / RAK / Abu

This exclusive package includes:

  • Water Plane return tickets service from central Abu Dhabi.
  • Pick up and Drop of to The Galleria Mall.
  • 40% saving: VIP Card providing further savings on purchases in more than 130 luxury fashion and lifestyle boutiques.
  • Hands-free Shopping Service:

Simply indulge in a spot of shopping at your favourite boutiques, relax while our boutique    assistants pack your purchases ready for your collection.

  • Two-course Lunch or Dinner: at (Restaurant Name)
  • Sky tour Of Dubai .
  • Sky Tour Of Abu Dhabi.
  • Red Wood HOTEL STAY for the weekend.
  • Complimentary breakfast..


International market:
VIP Shopping & Cultural Package –
Tour + Shopping Packages – ( 1 day – 1 week )
This exclusive package includes:
Arranging Deal With Etihad Airlines.

  • Sea plane Pick-up From airport (2-way ticket).
  • Chauffeurs Transfers.
  • Accommodation at Red wood HOTEL or Emirates Palace.
  • 40%saving.
  • Two-course lunch: at Café.
  • Free Desert Safari.
  • Free Abu Dhabi City Tours
  • Free Grand Mosque.

Private transfer in a Chauffeur-Driven car from Abu Dhabi Air Port to THE HOTEL