Wedding Illumination

Wedding, an auspicious occasions where dear and near gather together in our lovely space isn’t it? And we are there to illuminate your classy Adobe with treasured light fixtures which sets stylish feel by illuminating and decorating your living space. The hue of illumination may bring much more brightness for your occasion.

One of the most often overlooked and an important element of a great wedding is a beautiful lighting and illumination. These can turn an ordinary event into a special one; so Light Tower Events brings together sights, sounds, and taste into a symphony of excitement. Our lighting and illumination sets the tone of your event from the instant your guests arrive.

Right Illumination; create a warm and cozy ambiance where people enjoy themselves and where they want to stay longer. Sometimes the right illumination creates magic.

So let’s light up the night with Light Tower Events Lighting & Illumination.


  • Fairy lights
  • Lanterns
  • Table decor with candles
  • Chandeliers
  • Working lights
  • The wedding marquees can be illuminated
  • Up lighting & drapes.